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Cetaform Specialist Automotive Tools

Compression Tester Kit (for Petrol Engines)

Compression Tester Kit (for Diesel Engines)

Vacuum and Pressure Test / Bleed Kit

Diesel Injector Flow Test Kit (Common Rail)

Mechanic's Stethoscope

Cooling System Pressure Test Kit

Antifreeze Tester

Hose Clamp Pliers (for Spring Band Hose Clamps)

Long Reach Hose Clamp Pliers (for Spring Band Hose Clamps)

Hose Clamp Pliers (for Ear Hose Clamps)

CV Joint Boot Band Pliers (Heavy Duty)

Hose Clamp Pliers (for CLIC Clamps)

Fuel Sender Unit Wrenches

3/8" Drive Spark Plug Sockets (Retaining Rubber)

1/2" Drive Spark Plug Sockets (Retaining Rubber)

1/2" Drive Spark Plug Sockets (Magnetic)

T-Handle Swivel Spark Plug Socket Wrenches

4 Piece 3/8" Drive Glow Plug Socket Set

Oil Filter Cup Wrenches

15 Piece Oil Filter Cup Wrench Set

30 Piece Oil Filter Cup Wrench Set

Oil Filter Chain Wrench

Oil Filter Band Wrenches (Adjustable)

Oil Filter Strap Wrench

Spare Strap (for N14-051)

Oil Filter Band Wrench (Screw Adjustment)

Spare Strap (for N14-06)

3 Arm Oil Filter Claw Wrench

Oil Drain Plug Wrench

9 Piece 3/8" Drive Oil Drain Plug Key Set

Crankshaft Pulley Removal Tool (Ribbed Pulleys)

Camshaft Belt Tension Gauge

Universal Pulley Wrench

Belt Tension Locking Pin Set

Camshaft Setting Tool (VAG 1.4, 1.6)

Timing Tool Kit (VAG 1.4, 1.9, 2.0 TDI)

Timing Tool Kit (VAG 1.4, 1.6 FSI/TSI)

Timing Tool Kit (VAG 1.2 6-12V)

Master Timing Tool Kit (VAG)

Timing Tool Kit (FIAT Multijet/OPEL CDTI)

Master Timing Tool Kit (FIAT)

Master Timing Tool Kit (FORD)

Master Timing Tool Kit (CITROEN/PEUGEOT)

Master Timing Tool Kit (RENAULT)

Universal Timing Tool Kit

Valve Spring Compressor

Valve Stem Seal Pliers

Piston Ring Compressors

Piston Ring Expanders

1/2" Drive Diesel Injector Sockets

Exhaust Spring Clamp Removal Tool (VAG)

3/8" Drive Oxygen (Lambda) Sensor Socket

Flex Handle Oxygen (Lambda) Sensor Socket

Brake Fluid Tester

Brake Fluid Bleeder Set (Pneumatic)

10 Piece Brake Piston Wind-Back Tool Kit

Disc / Brake Piston Spreader

6 Piece Professional Coil Spring Compressor Kit

Coil Spring Compressor Set

4-Way Wheel Nut Wrenches

Wheel Nut Wrenches for Trucks - Single End

Tommy Bar (for N23-02 and N23-03 Series)

Wheel Balancing Weight Pliers

Tyre Levers

Tyre Inflators - Pro

Tyre Inflator

Tyre Inflator Chuck

Tyre Pressure Gauge (for Cars)

Tyre Pressure Gauge (for Commercial Vehicles)

Universal Ball Joint Puller

Universal Ball Joint Puller (2-Stage Lever Position)

Ball Joint Pullers

Tie Rod / Ball Joint Seperator

Steering Arm Removal Wrenches

5 Piece Front End Service Kit

Wheel Bearing Removal Tool Kit

Special Retaining Ring Pliers

Universal Clutch Aligner

5 Piece Trim and Upholstery Removal Set

Trim Clip Removal Tool

Trim Clip Removal Pliers

Bodywork File Holder

Spare Bodywork File (for N33-04)

Punch / Flange Combination Tool

Twin Suction Lifter (Two Head)

Small Mouth Pull Clamp

Small Mouth Pull Clamp (Two Way)

Symmetric Jaw Pull Clamp

Asymmetric Jaw Pull Clamp

Heavy Duty Pull Clamp

Frame Rack Pull Clamp

Battery Fluid Tester

Car Electric Circuit Tester

Car Electric Circuit Tester - Pro

1/2" Drive SPLINE Alternator Socket

1/2" Drive TORX Alternator Socket

13 Piece Alternator Pulley Removal Kit

12 Piece Terminal Release Tool Kit

20 Piece Radio Release Tool Set

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