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Logic Elements & Function Fitting Ranges

Pneumax OR Valve - 4mm Push-In

Pneumax OR Valve M5 - G1/4"

OR Elements 4mm & G1/8"

Pneumax AND Valve - 4mm Push-In

Pneumax AND Valve - G1/8"

AND Elements 4mm & G1/8"

NOT & YES Elements 4mm

Shuttle Valve (OR) M5 - G1/4"

Logic Elements (AND & OR) Push in 4mm

Logic Elements (AND, OR, NOT & YES) Subbase mounting

Subbase - Logic Elements & Relays

Pneumax Pneumatic Flip Flop Valve - G1/8"

Flip Flop Valve G1/4"

Pneumax Oscillator Valve - G1/8"

Pneumax Signal Amplifier - G1/8"

Pneumax High - Low Pilot Pressure Device - G1/8"

Pneumax High - Low Solenoid Pressure Device - G1/8"

PXV Visual Indicators

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