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Lubricating Products

Tygris Lubricating Products Catalogue

Mounting Bracket

(WD)Water Displacing Anti-Rust Agent R213

Looz-n-It Penetrating Oil IS1

Graphited Penetrating Oil R209

Clear Penetrating Oil R212

Clear Fine Oil R211

Seize Release Penetrating Oil R275

Motorcycle Chain Wax R273

Open Gear Lubricant R216

Clear Fork Lift Chain Lubricant IS75

Chain & Wire Lubricant R220

Clear Polymer Chain Lubricant R228

Belt Dressing Anti Slip R215

Super Lube Extreme Pressure R232

Drive and Bearing Lubricant R229

Copper Anti-Seize R234

Aluminium Anti-Seize R233

Moly Dry Film Lubricant R218

PTFE Dry Film Lubricant R237

Silicone Lubricant R217

White Grease with PTFE R223

Silicone Grease R230

Cutting and Tapping Fluid R214

Metal Working Spray R208

Clear Grease R226

Ejector Pin Lubricant IS40

Solvent Free Non-Silicone Release R225

Mould Release Non-Silicone IS13

Mould Release Light IS9

Mould Release Medium IS5

Mould Release Heavy IS10

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